Importance of software Testing

In a lot of solo projects testing is usually an after thought. Any team or even individual with any long term plans for a project should have test written into their code.

If your projects do not have tests they are exposed to the following issue.

  1. High rate of runtime error/bugs. Costing you customers.
  2. Time wasted from manually testing your code. Costing you time.
  3. High risk of falling out of compliance. Opening you up legal and financial risks.

Just because a project is small does not mean it should not have tests. As a matter of fact the best time to start implementing testing is when a project is small. Trying to add test to large and growing project is an ordeal unto itself.

Luckily key industries like finance, aerospace and automobiles, just to name a few mandate testing in order for products to meet standard. So if you want to create standard products it goes without saying too much. TEST! Want to be a better developer. TEST!! Do not wait for QA or a test team, at the very least have unit testing in your code.

Below are some links I am currently using:

  1. Link 1
  2. Link 2

Happy Testing!!


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